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We Help Clients With Probate Cases

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We help clients who have lost loved ones deal with and manage the probate process.  We also help clients with guardianship matters for minor children and mentally incompetent adults.

From a legal perspective, death changes every legal relationship and consequence for a person, his or her newly created estate, and the property he or she owned.  These changes also impact everyone who was connected with the person who died.

This raises a number of legal questions.   These questions have to be addressed during the grieving process.  And they often have to be addressed sooner rather than later.  This presents a number of challenges for the survivors.

The Experience You Need

At KREIG Austin, our attorneys have experience administering all sizes of estates–from simple uncontested wills to will contests.

We can handle just about every probate and guardianship matter.  This includes advising executors and administrators on routine administration issues, preparing and filing the necessary court documents, preparing witnesses and others for court, conducting discovery, and facilitating settlements.  It also includes small estate affidavits, probating wills as muniment of titles, and family settlement agreements.

Why Hire Us

Clients hire us when they have lost a loved one.  They also hire us when their rights are not being respected in the probate process.  We are also called on to assist with guardianships for minor children or incompetent adults.

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We can help with your probate matter.